Windows Natural Scrolling and Synergy

Windows Natural Scrolling and Synergy A little over a year ago, I wrote about setting up “natural scolling” on Windows. I tried it for a week or so and never quite got used to it. One of the biggest setbacks was the software I use to connect my Windows and Linux boxes together as one … Continue reading Windows Natural Scrolling and Synergy

ARG Tools just got bigger!

ARG Tools just got bigger!  …well, taller, actually.  Today’s 1.8 release is a maintenance release to support the taller iPhone 5 screen.  Work on the next major ARG Tools release is already underway, but Apple had to interrupt that effort by releasing a revolutionary new phone, leaving me scrambling to learn the new hardware and … Continue reading ARG Tools just got bigger!

“Natural” scrolling across operating systems

“Natural” Scrolling Overview I am beginning to get used to the reversed scrolling behavior in the new OS X. For those that have not heard about it, this was one of the most controversial changes in the new operating system. They reversed the direction of the action that is performed by spinning the mouse’s scroll … Continue reading “Natural” scrolling across operating systems

A few months with SpiderOak as Dropbox replacement

Dropbox in Decline Back in April, Dropbox changed their terms of service, implying they lied about who can access your stored data.  The ToS changed from “we simply do not have access to your data” to “well, yeah, our employees technically do have access to all of your stored data, but just trust us that … Continue reading A few months with SpiderOak as Dropbox replacement

On Google Chrome (Mac, Linux, and nightly builds)

On Google Chrome As you may have heard, Google is working on a web browser called Chrome. There have been beta versions out for Windows and Linux for some time. The Mac version is still playing catch-up. Because Firefox, the browser I now use, has appeared to get more slow and clunky over time, I … Continue reading On Google Chrome (Mac, Linux, and nightly builds)

Through the looking glass

You know how, in Alice’s Adventures Through the Looking Glass, she goes into a mirror world where everything is backwards? In taking PhotoBooth pictures of Ebenezer the other day, I came to realize that there is a similar mirror world in my Mac. Maybe this isn’t surprising, considering Neo’s trip down the rabbit hole or … Continue reading Through the looking glass

New Apps!

The new Delicious Library is out! This one includes pretty easy website publishing. You can check out my library of books and DVDs right here. I am still confused by the sort order on the web export–it does not appear to be by alphabetical order by title or author–so I’m not sure how you’re supposed … Continue reading New Apps!


Currently, I keep all of my photos in Aperture. I then use a plugin to sync from there to my own photo site, running the Gallery PHP application. I also use the Flickr export plugin to sync to Flickr. This setup is getting increasingly problematic. The Gallery installation and integration is starting to fall apart. … Continue reading Flickr?