Am I the 99%?

I see the Occupy Wall Street protest.  I have visited our own local Portland spinoff.  I have looked through We Are The 99 Percent.  I think I get it. It’s not all dirty hippies looking for something to protest, nor kids fresh out of college with fancy degrees but no job prospects.  There are also … Continue reading Am I the 99%?

The mice I dislike -or- looking for a new mouse (suggestions?)

I’m having a bit of difficulty finding a mouse I like at work. I really enjoy the magic mouse on my Macs at home, but at work I share time between a Windows and Linux system. Under Linux, you really need a center mouse button. There is a way to kludge a solution for a … Continue reading The mice I dislike -or- looking for a new mouse (suggestions?)

The Twitterverse answers my comic book question

As a kid, I never got into comic books all that much. I suspect that the only comics I ever read were the free Whiz Kids comics from Radio Shack.  Seriously.  When the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie was on the horizon, I picked up the graphic novel upon which it was based.  I love … Continue reading The Twitterverse answers my comic book question

Streaming AVI video to the iPad & iPhone

A few weeks ago on Twitter, I asked the lazyweb if they knew of a way of streaming an AVI (or really, any video format that is not directly supported by the video player) to an iPhone for viewing.  This was before the iPad, so that was not even a consideration.  There were a number … Continue reading Streaming AVI video to the iPad & iPhone

Questions for the wearers of glasses

Back in September, I started wearing glasses occasionally for computing. Since then, I have been getting used to the idea of wearing glasses while reading and working at the computer. The main problem I have faced has been keeping them clean. I think this would not be as big of a deal if I wore … Continue reading Questions for the wearers of glasses

The routine Giving of Thanks post, with a side of Black Friday

Last night I went to Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house. It was sort of a combination of a family Thanksgiving and an orphan Thanksgiving. In earlier years, Kim and I would occasionally host orphan Thanksgivings, but many of the folks we would typically invite over are starting their own families with their own Thanksgiving … Continue reading The routine Giving of Thanks post, with a side of Black Friday

Piece of Sale / Point of ****

Something I have been noticing with increasing frequency at POS (that’s Point of Sale, not Piece of ****) terminals is an option to pay with multiple credit cards. I worked in retail many years ago and know that paying with multiple cards has always been a feature that is on the store employee’s side of … Continue reading Piece of Sale / Point of ****

My library-loan audiobook dilemma

As I understand it, I am pretty late to the party when it comes to borrowing audiobooks and DVDs from the library. Although I have been aware of their availability for many, many years, I only checked out my first audiobook on Saturday. From what I hear both anecdotally and statistically, more and more people … Continue reading My library-loan audiobook dilemma

Not-so-Christmassy Christmas movies?

I was listening to Strange Love last week and the topic of Christmas movies came up–specifically, not-so-Christmassy Christmas movies. There was talk of films like Gremlins and Die Hard–both of which took place on Christmas and had strong Christmas themes, but were not in-and-of-themselves Christmas movies. I might add Brazil to the list. I’m having … Continue reading Not-so-Christmassy Christmas movies?