Hipster PDA Shopping List

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The shopping list has gone through several revisions. I always have one clipped to the fridge and can load it into the Hipster PDA when it is time to go to the market. Although I expect you may not find them useful as-is, it should serve as an inspiration for your own list.

Shopping List

This is the shopping list template that I use for common and frequently occurring purchases. I can quickly scan the preprinted list of items and pick out what I need this week–as opposed to trying to remember what I might need, or remembering to write down that I’m out of a commodity item at the time it gets used up. The way I use it is to put an “X” in the checkbox for items I need, then once I am at the store, I can cross off the whole line when it gets put in the cart.

Download: shopping.pdf

Shopping List, Revised

This is the same list as above, modified slightly in the following ways:

  • Reverse rotated 180 degrees. In my original design, I thought I would be flipping it top-to-bottom. With the clip on the Hipster PDA, it really should flip right-over-left.
  • More space has been added to the top so that items can be accessed with the Hipster PDA clip in place. Consequently, the font size has been reduced slightly to accomodate the reduced space.
  • The products are grouped by category.

Download: shopping2.pdf

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