New Apps!

The new Delicious Library is out! This one includes pretty easy website publishing. You can check out my library of books and DVDs right here. I am still confused by the sort order on the web export–it does not appear to be by alphabetical order by title or author–so I’m not sure how you’re supposed to find anything. I’m still learning.

The new Spanning Sync is finally in public beta! This one adds the Gmail/Google Apps For Domains contact syncing that I’ve been waiting for forever.

The new Penny Arcade game On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode 1 is out. I played the demo and liked it enough to register it, but haven’t gotten the time to play since. I enjoy the Penny Arcade comic, even though I’m not enough of a gamer to quite get all of the jokes. The game is happily steampunk in style and it’s whimsical enough that I think anyone can enjoy it. I still haven’t totally gotten used to the combat system, but am thankful it’s not strictly button-mashing hack-and-slash, as my hand/eye is not the best for that.

The Wii Fit is going strong. I gave it a rest over the weekend. Or more specifically, I gave myself a rest from it over the weekend. My calves (moo!) were starting to get rather sore. Tonight, I’m back on it again.

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