Forcing a fixed-in version with the Mantis bug tracker

At the office, we use Mantis, a powerful PHP-based bug tracking system. It offers some great control over process and workflow, but not quite the granularity that I need. Specifically, I work in an environment where it is vital that the “fixed-in” version is filled in when resolving an issue as “fixed.” Without this, there … Continue reading Forcing a fixed-in version with the Mantis bug tracker

Ninja Me!

In the last couple of days, the internet world (and more specifically the Twitter world) has been all up-in-arms about the upcoming demise of the URL shortening service (later followed by the backpedaling of the news). You probably already know the type of service. It takes a really, really, really long URL like … Continue reading Ninja Me!


Currently, I keep all of my photos in Aperture. I then use a plugin to sync from there to my own photo site, running the Gallery PHP application. I also use the Flickr export plugin to sync to Flickr. This setup is getting increasingly problematic. The Gallery installation and integration is starting to fall apart. … Continue reading Flickr?