Communing with the devil on an Apple ][

In the week leading up to halloween, @destroyed4com4t introduced me to the amazing movie Evilspeak. This film, made in 1981, is about an outcast boy in military school who comes across a book. This book — the diary of a Spanish satanist (Esteban) from centuries before — is written in Latin. It is also, of course, … Continue reading Communing with the devil on an Apple ][

A farewell to Everpix and a search for image backup and viewing

A few months ago I signed up for Everpix. In case you have not heard of it, Everpix is (or rather, was) a photo backup website. It had some pretty awesome things going for it, namely: A desktop client that integrates with iPhoto, Aperture, and disk folders that uploads your pictures to the cloud An … Continue reading A farewell to Everpix and a search for image backup and viewing

Controlled Damage: Artistic De-generation

Controlled Damage: Artistic De-generation About five months ago, I was upset at Bookface for whatever reason. Again. I decided I wanted to post a messed up version of my user icon. Back in the MySpace days, my user icon was the little document-with-a-red-X icon that Internet Explorer throws in as a placeholder to indicate a … Continue reading Controlled Damage: Artistic De-generation

My tritium has expired

It’s a little difficult to read the sticker due to reflection, but apparently this tritium—manufactured in 1988—expired in 1999. It’s half-life is just over 12 years, so I don’t think it has truly “expired,” but I do wonder about the casing. I should probably look up how to locally dispose of radioactive materials. Posted in: