A code sheet on every lock screen

During winter break, I typically pick up a new technology or programming language — to keep sharp and on the cutting-edge. In the past this has included 3D printing, 3D design, iOS programming, Ruby, and others. This past week, I spent a couple of days getting somewhat proficient at Processing and a couple of days … Continue reading A code sheet on every lock screen

Introducing Puzzle Sidekick

When I last updated ARG Tools back in August, I alluded to an upcoming new version of the app called Puzzle Sidekick. I am pleased to announce that it is now available. If you are familiar with ARG Tools, you already know what it does and I suspect you will be quite happy with the … Continue reading Introducing Puzzle Sidekick

ARG Tools 2.0, now with more dictionary

ARG Tools, the iPhone app that gives you puzzle-solving tools and reference in your pocket just got a dictionary.  You may already know of ARG Tools, but in case you haven’t, it’s an iPhone app that provides a set of tools, reference material, and links for anyone who plays Alternate Reality Games, participates in transmedia storytelling, … Continue reading ARG Tools 2.0, now with more dictionary

The iPhone 5 headphone jack

Until recently, the iPhone has always had both the headphone jack and power button on the top and the syncing port on the bottom.  And until recently, things were good.  When the iPhone 5 came around, they moved the headphone jack to the bottom.  With my phone in my pocket, the only reasonable orientation when … Continue reading The iPhone 5 headphone jack

How I got screwed by Photo Stream and Aperture

When Apple introduced Photo Stream as part of its iCloud offering a year ago, I jumped on board.  By that time, my iPhone was already my primary camera.  The old Canon point-and-shoot was collecting dust in a corner.  And Photo Stream solved a real problem for me.  My phone syncs with my laptop, but I … Continue reading How I got screwed by Photo Stream and Aperture

ARG Tools just got bigger!

ARG Tools just got bigger!  …well, taller, actually.  Today’s 1.8 release is a maintenance release to support the taller iPhone 5 screen.  Work on the next major ARG Tools release is already underway, but Apple had to interrupt that effort by releasing a revolutionary new phone, leaving me scrambling to learn the new hardware and … Continue reading ARG Tools just got bigger!

ARG Tools 1.7 announcement addendum

In my rush to get ARG Tools 1.7 reviewed and approved before WarTron, I made a minor slip up in my announcement blog post.  I forgot some attributions and would like to take a moment to thank Derek for suggesting increasing the size of the Braille dots and including resistor color codes.  The color codes did … Continue reading ARG Tools 1.7 announcement addendum

ARG Tools 1.7

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ARG Tools 1.7 Available In App Store Portland, Oregon, 2012-07-27 — Netninja.com has published ARG Tools 1.7 for iPhones. This dot-release adds several new forms of reference material including nautical flags, fingerspelling, the Dewey Decimal System, resistor color codes, and the moon alphabet. This free update can be found on the App … Continue reading ARG Tools 1.7

ARG Tools 1.6

Hear ye, hear ye. By decree of the Apple review board, it has been decided that ARG Tools 1.6 is a perfectly acceptable and serviceable iPhone app that should immediately be made available to the public at large. This version fixes an egregious error in the Morse Code table, namely an extra dash for the … Continue reading ARG Tools 1.6

ARG/Puzzle Tools: The Next Generation

When this post goes live, the new 1.5 version of my ARG Tools iPhone app should also be live.  What is ARG Tools, you ask?  It is a collection of tools and reference material for people who routinely solve puzzles: alternate reality games (ARGs), puzzle trails, The Game, and whatnot. The app (or, rather, my … Continue reading ARG/Puzzle Tools: The Next Generation