question blockCurrently, I keep all of my photos in Aperture. I then use a plugin to sync from there to my own photo site, running the Gallery PHP application. I also use the Flickr export plugin to sync to Flickr. This setup is getting increasingly problematic. The Gallery installation and integration is starting to fall apart. Gallery has enough photos (a little over 19,000) to now be pretty slow. The plugin is getting more and more clunky, often silently failing at random times.

I really like having control/ownership over my photos and photo site, but Gallery just is not cutting it anymore. I have a free Flickr account and really like the community there, but have fears that while its current intentions are good, it may eventually go the LiveJournal route of crappy service at some point in the future.

So that’s my situation. I’d like to hear from two sorts of people:

* Folks that have a paid Flickr account: Is it worth it? Are there weird limits or gotchas that are not apparent in the Flickr Pro account marketing material?
* Folks that are syncing Aperture to something besides Flickr or Gallery (is there anything else?) or folks that are using the Aperture web gallery with something other than the over-priced and under-featured dot-Mac.

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2 thoughts on “Flickr?”

  1. personally, I love the flexibility and limitlessness of a paid account… but I haven’t been unpaid for long enough to forget really the differences :). I still don’t upload enormous sets of 2-3MB images, I still shrink them a bit unless I have a good reason to go for full size images. I’m certain I’d be far beyond the non-paid upload limit each month, but were I uploading only say 1024×768 images, it might be possible to control uploading enough to remain within the limit.

    I guess the cap is only as daunting as the amount of uploading you could potential use. If having no limit blows the doors open for you to go nuts, then it’s worth a paid account.
    The added feature for organizing – sets and collections – very, very helpful. I think they could work on their fundamental organizing structure a bit more, but having limitless photo sets is definitely a Good Thing.

    I’m not sure what else is paid-only, but mobile uploads, and other custom features are nice pluses too. *shrug* Not sure. I have paid LJ and Flickr accounts… flickr actually because Yahoo now owns Rogers, my ISP. 🙂

    I think basically, it’s worth a paid account if you use flickr for your photos, and do a lot of photos :). But I don’t use it so much that it’s my primary storage for all my raw, full-size JPGs, even though it’s unlimited. That just seems excessive.

  2. Well,

    I enjoy my paid account. The only possible problem might be if you wanted to download all your pics at once (or a lot of them). I am not sure how well that function works. They’ve also introduced video storage as well.

    The stats aren’t very detailed, but that is not why I have it anyway.

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