Hipster PDA ARG and Programming Tools

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The ARG and Programming Tools templates are read-only reference for common data used in programming and ARG puzzle solving. This includes an ASCII table, decimal-to-hex conversion and vice-versa, several coding schemes (Morse code, braille, ROT13), a list of primes, and a list of English letter frequencies.

ARG/Programming Tools

This is a “read-only” card consisting of a number of pieces of reference material that I commonly need. This includes:

  • prime numbers from 2..137
  • a ROT-13 table
  • letter frequencies in the English language
  • a Morse code reference
  • a Braille reference
  • Roman numerals
  • a decimal/hex/ASCII table

Download: arg_tools.pdf

Emergency ARG Pocket Reference

The Emergency ARG Pocket Reference was designed a few years ago for attending live events for Alternate Reality Games. It contains a number of useful codes, ciphers, and charts that frequently arise during ARG play. With the advent of smartphones and the increased complexity of ARG puzzles, the utility of this reference has lessened. It is provided here for the sake of completeness.

Download: arg_emergency.pdf

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  1. Sorry to mention this, but the name for the Emergency ARG Pocket Reference download says “arg_tools.pdf” but it really links to “arg_emergency.pdf”. Thanks for making this!

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