My 2013 blog-writing month recap

At the start of November, I decided that I would challenge myself to a month of blog posts, similar to my friends and acquaintances participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Well, the month is up and the results are in.

A month of blog posts

I’m not a writer, but I’m a blogger, a scientist, and an artist of sorts. And it’s been over a month since I’ve published anything. I’m co-opting NaNoWriMo to get myself out of writer’s block and start writing about all the cool projects and activities that have taken over so much of my time that I haven’t had a chance to write about them. Read on for the details…

Introducing InfoNinja

Say hello to InfoNinja. InfoNinja is an Open Source Ethernet-connected desktop heads-up display. It works in tandem with a desktop computer to give you an at-a-glance secondary display of both text and ambient (color/blink/fade) information. It is also a tea timer.  You can learn more at the project pages: Project Overview Hardware/Firmware Software The source … Continue reading Introducing InfoNinja

Netninja: looking back on 2011

Happy 2012 2011 was the year of 3D.  No, not movies, silly glasses, and headaches.  It was the year of MakerBot, Blender, OpenSCAD, and Thingiverse.  In fact, it was the year I had to convert the term “makerbot” from a tag to a full-fledged category here on the blog.  3D printing was a central concept, but … Continue reading Netninja: looking back on 2011

My current WordPress plugins

Because I have a friend who is kicking off a new WordPress-powered blog (Hi, Substitute!), I thought I’d list the plugins I use here at  I have a whopping 32 of them, but many are simple single-purpose things that are likely not of general interest.  My plugins can be be broken down into a … Continue reading My current WordPress plugins

Farewell, Facebook

My first website was born in 1995.  Previous to that, I had participated in a few mailing lists and lurked on Usenet, but that was my first public internet presence.  Those were the days before background images, before cascading stylesheets, before, even, the <blink> tag.  Most days, my browser of choice was Lynx — mainly … Continue reading Farewell, Facebook

What did Netninja look like in 2009?

This post is a blatant ripoff of Rick Turoczy’s Silicon Florist word cloud, but that’s how memes work, right?  I made two different 2009 word clouds for Netninja: one for just titles and one for full post content.  I’ll get into the “how” after the images. This first image is of just titles.  I guess … Continue reading What did Netninja look like in 2009?

Netninja site changes: Hipster PDA & Code

Background I have talked about my relationship with the Hipster PDA for years.  It is a sort of love/hate thing.  I find that the basics are invaluable.  I really love all the beautiful little templates and forms that people have made for the 3″ x 5″ form factor.  Alas, I find that most — if … Continue reading Netninja site changes: Hipster PDA & Code

Snazzy-Archives, Filtered

Note that this post is a duplicate of the Snazzy-Archives, Filtered project page, here at Netninja, and copied into the blog. It has been inserted here to make it part of the blog timeline, RSS, and whatnot so that it gets noticed. Comments are disabled on this post but enabled on the project page, so … Continue reading Snazzy-Archives, Filtered