Hipster PDA Hanging Envelopes

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These are technically not Hipster PDA cards, but a template for a “hanging folder” that you can stick to a wall or other surface. I use a couple at work for quick access to a few cards.

Hanging Envelopes

Photo of Hipster PDA hanging envelopes in use

Hipster PDA hanging envelope template

This is a basic “hanging” envelope. At work, I use them to group a set of to-do cards by affixing them to the wall and writing the overarching topic upon the face. Because the face of the envelope covers only half of the card, I am able to see most of the topmost task card. The envelopes are best affixed to the wall with a low-profile device such as tape, that gummy poster putty stuff, a flat fridge magnet (for a filing cabinet or refrigerator), or a fairly flat tack.

Download: hanging_envelopes.pdf

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