ARG Tools just got bigger!

ARG Tools just got bigger!  …well, taller, actually.  Today’s 1.8 release is a maintenance release to support the taller iPhone 5 screen.  Work on the next major ARG Tools release is already underway, but Apple had to interrupt that effort by releasing a revolutionary new phone, leaving me scrambling to learn the new hardware and … Continue reading ARG Tools just got bigger!

ARG Tools 1.6

Hear ye, hear ye. By decree of the Apple review board, it has been decided that ARG Tools 1.6 is a perfectly acceptable and serviceable iPhone app that should immediately be made available to the public at large. This version fixes an egregious error in the Morse Code table, namely an extra dash for the … Continue reading ARG Tools 1.6

Gasoline-Priced Water

Introduction So. World Without Oil. I have refrained from posting much about it because I could never quite wrap my brain around explaining it to people, but let me give it a try. It’s a “game” that is less of a game and more of a thought experiment. Let’s say that because of Peak Oil, … Continue reading Gasoline-Priced Water

Today in dirt-worshiping, granola-eating, tree-hugging news…

Today we watched An Inconvenient Truth for the first time. I actually bought the used DVD from Netflix last month for a few bucks, but just now got around to watching it. We are now, officially, on 100% renewable power. I signed us up for the PGE Renewable Future plan. This means our power bills … Continue reading Today in dirt-worshiping, granola-eating, tree-hugging news…