You may or may not have seen my tweet/twitpic about learning to whack a couple of days ago. It was from a flier that Human Resources (presumably) left sitting on the color printer. This morning, while waiting for our stand-up meeting, someone thought to track down the source. A quick Google search later, we had … Continue reading WHACK it!

Holmes on homes

There is a really excellent Sherlock Holmes quote that, for the life of me, I cannot seem to find reference to1. Although the quotation itself is not as famous as some of the other Sir Arthur Conan Doyle quotations, it is quite practical and I find I use it with great frequency. The general gist … Continue reading Holmes on homes

“I Wish…” [Updated]

The other morning, I woke up and had to deal with an unpleasant fresh spill in the corner of the kitchen. As I scrubbed, I thought to myself in a very conversational style: “I wish I could wake up EVERY day to a puddle of warm cat pee that needs sopping up. That was sarcasm … Continue reading “I Wish…” [Updated]

Followup: my podcast subscriptions

After posting a blogroll of sorts on Friday, listing all RSS feeds I subscribe to, I thought I would follow that with a list of podcasts I subscribe to. At least, in my current braindead state, it is going to be a lot easier to dump a bunch of links than post about this past … Continue reading Followup: my podcast subscriptions

My RSS subscriptions

I got into a lunchtime discussion of RSS today. Apparently, one of my coworkers (hi, Helen!) had never really heard of RSS before. As we explained the concept to her, we started to share some of our favorite news sites, blogs, and other things with RSS feeds. I decided this might be of interest to … Continue reading My RSS subscriptions

Last weekend’s DASH puzzle hunt

Something that I mentioned to a number of people in real life, but I do not think I blogged or tweeted about much was the DASH puzzle hunt that I attended last weekend. DASH stands for “Different Area, Same Hunt.” As the name somewhat implies, a number of different cities around the country participated in … Continue reading Last weekend’s DASH puzzle hunt

Exploring Scribblenauts -or- adventures in scribblespace

I picked up Scribblenauts the other night. In case you have been living under a rock, this is the game in which each level you are given a goal (retrieve the star, stop the ants, open the door, get past the tornado, avoid the bee and piranha, etc.) and you are given free rein to … Continue reading Exploring Scribblenauts -or- adventures in scribblespace

The hidden cost of the Kindle: computing glasses

So it turns out that there is a hidden cost to the Amazon Kindle. I have been reading quite a lot more in the past few months. A typical weekday routine might have been staring at computer screens all day at work, coming home, doing a few chores, helping out with dinner, then watching a … Continue reading The hidden cost of the Kindle: computing glasses

The little details, like hyphens and em-dashes

As you may or may not know, I got myself a Kindle a few months back. To be more specific, it was the Kindle DX — a bit more expensive, but the bigger screen and native PDF support was more than worth it in my case. My thought at the time was that it would … Continue reading The little details, like hyphens and em-dashes

I haz a corm!

The squirrels and I, we have a love/hate relationship. In general, I like them, and I like having them around, but I really dislike it when they steal from the bird feeder. As such, I do a few things to protect the feeder, which sometimes escalates to shooting the squirrels with a squirt gun. The … Continue reading I haz a corm!