The one annoyance of a side-pinned OS X dock

Most people I know that run OS X keep their icon dock on one side of the screen or the other.  By default, the dock sits at the bottom, but moving it over to the side gives you a bit more screen space.  Most monitors are widescreen, giving you many more pixels left-to-right than they … Continue reading The one annoyance of a side-pinned OS X dock

My dock, let me show you it

My friend Brian recently switched to a Mac.  Shhh… don’t tell him.  He doesn’t actually know this yet.  He merely thinks he got a Mac to play around with and that he’s not going to stray far from his Windows machines — but us Mac folks know what’s really going on.  He asked me to … Continue reading My dock, let me show you it

My harrowing adventures with Mozy, TechTools, and Jungle Disk

I have experimented with online backup solutions over the past few weeks.   I keep local backups, but the saying goes that any important digital data should exist in three places or you should consider it nonexistent.  In fire, flood, or EMP, the backup drive across the room is not going to help. What I have I have … Continue reading My harrowing adventures with Mozy, TechTools, and Jungle Disk

On Google Chrome (Mac, Linux, and nightly builds)

On Google Chrome As you may have heard, Google is working on a web browser called Chrome. There have been beta versions out for Windows and Linux for some time. The Mac version is still playing catch-up. Because Firefox, the browser I now use, has appeared to get more slow and clunky over time, I … Continue reading On Google Chrome (Mac, Linux, and nightly builds)

Recent acquisitions

The Mac Mini hooked up to the TV: upgradinated! When did memory become so cheap? It came with the factory-stuffed pair of 256MB sticks. Watching MP4 videos with 512MB was passable. Watching those videos while it did anything else in the background (downloading, transcoding, or even with iTunes sitting idle) was ch-ch-ch-choppy. It now has … Continue reading Recent acquisitions

Cha-Ching to Quicken

I have been a user of Cha-Ching since the beta in April. It is a very shiny app for your finances. It is one of the new generation of slick OS X apps (like Delicious Library, Disco, and the rest) and takes a very Web-2.0-ish view of your data with tags and smart folders. It … Continue reading Cha-Ching to Quicken

Sewers, Laptops, and Moneys

Last weekend, our neighbor held the first ever neighborhood potluck. Going into it, I was a little skeptical of the outcome because no neighbor really talks all that much to any other neighbor — but at the same time, I had high hopes that it would be a great time. And it ended up being … Continue reading Sewers, Laptops, and Moneys

New Stuff

The new iPhone just cannot get here fast enough. My current phone, a Treo 650, is three years old and it is really starting to show. The shift and alt buttons only work about half the time. There is no paint/coloration/coating left on the bezels. The SD card slot is a bit worn and sometimes … Continue reading New Stuff

i made u a cookie but i eated it

Please note that all blog posts before 8 April 2007 were automatically imported from LiveJournal.  To see the comments and any LiveJournal-specific extras such as polls and user icons, please find the source posting at The Prestige, Nicola Tesla was played by David Bowie. How the eff did I not notice that?! In other news, … Continue reading i made u a cookie but i eated it