XML in Google’s Chrome

The support for viewing XML returned from a server from within Chrome leaves a little to be desired. ¬†Both Firefox and Internet Explorer (and I hate to admit it, but my memory tells me that IE was the first to market with this feature) show XML in an easy-to-deal-with way. ¬†They format it with indenting, … Continue reading XML in Google’s Chrome

On Google Chrome (Mac, Linux, and nightly builds)

On Google Chrome As you may have heard, Google is working on a web browser called Chrome. There have been beta versions out for Windows and Linux for some time. The Mac version is still playing catch-up. Because Firefox, the browser I now use, has appeared to get more slow and clunky over time, I … Continue reading On Google Chrome (Mac, Linux, and nightly builds)

Google Chrome

Google’s new Chrome web browser looks quite promising. I set up a virtual machine running XP today to test it out. It turns out that it will not run on Win2K (my current virtual machine) and the XP install is from some expired MSDN disc or something and does not have a functional Genuine Windows … Continue reading Google Chrome

Google Chrome

I haven’t read this on any of the geek news sites yet, but flipzagging posted a little info on Google Chrome–the rumored web browser from Google. There is even a comic book by Scott McCloud to describe the browser and its inner-workings. (Warning: some of the comic gets into geeky things like threads, processes, and … Continue reading Google Chrome