A few months with SpiderOak as Dropbox replacement

Dropbox in Decline Back in April, Dropbox changed their terms of service, implying they lied about who can access your stored data.  The ToS changed from “we simply do not have access to your data” to “well, yeah, our employees technically do have access to all of your stored data, but just trust us that … Continue reading A few months with SpiderOak as Dropbox replacement

Take a Virtual Tour

Please note that all blog posts before 8 April 2007 were automatically imported from LiveJournal.  To see the comments and any LiveJournal-specific extras such as polls and user icons, please find the source posting at http://brianenigma.livejournal.com/2003/08/Oh, and I forgot. Our house: https://netninja.com/walkthrough/ (It is still a mess, but we will update the photos in another few … Continue reading Take a Virtual Tour