A Laser-Cut Drawer Organizer

The ADU (the “cottage,” as the guest house has gotten to be known) has a giant kitchen silverware drawer. And it has a big mess in the corner that’s just a clump of binder clips (“chip clips” and the like), rubber bands, and twist-ties. It’s just a big ol’ mess. If you need a clip to help close a bag of pretzels, you have to untangle it from the rubber bands and twist ties. If you want a rubber band to help hold a piece of cellophane to the end of a block of cheese, you have to untangle… well, you get the idea.

Once again — laser-cutter and overdoing it come to the rescue. I used my favorite parametric laser-cut design site, boxes.py at festi.info to craft up a solution.

This then gave me everything I needed to make some minor customizations (labels).

The typeface is DDC Hardware, one I’ve greatly enjoyed for utilitarian labels and plaques. The “rubber” part of “rubber bands” has some wildly-tight kerning to get it to fit. A little bit of glue and dry time and voila!

It’s nothing fancy. It’s using draftboard wood, not a nice veneer. No paint or stain. It’s a purely functional piece.

I’d link you to my vector file, but it’s custom for my particular drawer. Just use the boxes.py link above to generate your very own for your very own situation.

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