Reduced Drinking with a Victorian Design

In day-to-day life, I drink a lot of water and a lot of tea. If there’s a drink in front of me, I go through it fairly quickly. Unfortunately, this mechanism also applies to alcoholic drinks. At happy hours and out at bars with friends, I can go through quite a number of drinks before … Continue reading Reduced Drinking with a Victorian Design

Hipster Exercise

This blog post is a mirror of the Hipster PDA Exercise Card page. Please go there to leave comments. I started the Hundred Pushups and Two-Hundred Situps (technically, crunches) programs a while back. Although it took a couple of attempts, I finally “finished” them — that is, I got up past 100 pushups and 200 … Continue reading Hipster Exercise

My reverse iPad/Moleskine hack

I have seen plenty of “iPad Moleskine hacks” out there that all boil down to attacking a Moleskine with an X-Acto blade and inserting your iPad inside, rendering the Moleskine’s quality as being a blank book useless.  The DODOcase is a professionally made iPad case that has perfected the Moleskine-like look.  I really like the … Continue reading My reverse iPad/Moleskine hack

The Hipster PDA Scrabble cheat sheet (v2.0)

A while back, I made a Scrabble “cheat sheet” that fit in the standard Hipster PDA 3×5 index card format. I used it for a few weeks, both in playing the Scrabble board game and Words With Friends. Unfortunately, it never quite worked the way I wanted it to. A couple of weeks ago, I updated … Continue reading The Hipster PDA Scrabble cheat sheet (v2.0)

Netninja site changes: Hipster PDA & Code

Background I have talked about my relationship with the Hipster PDA for years.  It is a sort of love/hate thing.  I find that the basics are invaluable.  I really love all the beautiful little templates and forms that people have made for the 3″ x 5″ form factor.  Alas, I find that most — if … Continue reading Netninja site changes: Hipster PDA & Code

Inbox Zero again

Well, I’m back down to inbox zero again. I’ve been at inbox 2 for several months, mainly because of trouble-tickets I opened (and were quickly fixed) for stuff related to moving Kim’s email from Dreamhost (our web host) to Google Apps for Domains as part of her shutdown. They were mainly placeholders to remind me … Continue reading Inbox Zero again

Hipster PDA TODO Envelopes

Something I forgot to post a week or two ago: some Hipster PDA “hanging envelopes” that I made for work and released as a PDF. Basically, it is a thin envelope that you can stick to the wall (with something low-profile like tape or poster putty–thumbtacks may not work.) They’re great for TODO lists and … Continue reading Hipster PDA TODO Envelopes


I am now officially over the Space Pen. See A Letter To My Pen for my list of gripes and complaints. The new pen, a Cross Ion, is great. It is a bit more chunky than I’d like, but it writes well and has a good visual indication of how much ink is left. Plus, … Continue reading Pens

A letter to my pen

Dear Space Pen, Although I love you dearly, I believe it is time for us to start seeing others. You have a beautiful body, which is what initially attracted me to you. Your compact, sleek form that elongates into a full-sized pen is absolutely amazing. As the initial lust for your form-factor is wearing off, … Continue reading A letter to my pen