The Portland Afoot game

This past weekend was the Portland Afoot game.  This was a sort of transit scavenger hunt put on by Portland Afoot, Portland’s 10-minute newsmagazine on buses, bikes, and low-car life.  The whole event was themed like a murder mystery (who killed Faire LeSequare — that name being an inside joke for local transit buffs) and involved … Continue reading The Portland Afoot game

GoBox or Go Home!

Portland has food carts.  Portland has a lot of food carts.  Most of them give you your food in a plastic container.  Sometimes the container is biodegradable, which is good.  Sometimes it also comes in a plastic bag with a plastic fork, which is bad.  On rare occasions it is just wrapped in butcher paper (as … Continue reading GoBox or Go Home!

Netninja site changes: Hipster PDA & Code

Background I have talked about my relationship with the Hipster PDA for years.  It is a sort of love/hate thing.  I find that the basics are invaluable.  I really love all the beautiful little templates and forms that people have made for the 3″ x 5″ form factor.  Alas, I find that most — if … Continue reading Netninja site changes: Hipster PDA & Code

Last weekend’s DASH puzzle hunt

Something that I mentioned to a number of people in real life, but I do not think I blogged or tweeted about much was the DASH puzzle hunt that I attended last weekend. DASH stands for “Different Area, Same Hunt.” As the name somewhat implies, a number of different cities around the country participated in … Continue reading Last weekend’s DASH puzzle hunt