Hipster PDA TODO Envelopes

Something I forgot to post a week or two ago: some Hipster PDA “hanging envelopes” that I made for work and released as a PDF. Basically, it is a thin envelope that you can stick to the wall (with something low-profile like tape or poster putty–thumbtacks may not work.) They’re great for TODO lists and such because about half of the frontmost card is visible.


More details and the PDF are at https://netninja.com/projects/hipsterpda/#envelopes

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2 thoughts on “Hipster PDA TODO Envelopes”

  1. 🙂 Yeah, I have a National Geographic application that generates topo maps for Oregon. That’s the area surrounding work (an initial test of the app with an area I know), printed on the black-and-white office printer, so it is a little difficult to read in places.

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