Counting Stairs

We went through some office space reshuffling at work that resulted in me being a few floors away from the kitchen. Because of this, I’ve made a conscious effort to take the stairs more often. I know that my phone has automatic counting of flights of stairs (if you have an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, … Continue reading Counting Stairs

My quantified fitness

I’ve been exercising and watching what I eat for years. But the quantification all started a couple of years ago with a Fitbit. Everyone at work got one as a bonus for making sales numbers. I diligently tracked step counts and flights of stairs traversed. I even went a little out of my way — getting … Continue reading My quantified fitness

Hipster Exercise

This blog post is a mirror of the Hipster PDA Exercise Card page. Please go there to leave comments. I started the Hundred Pushups and Two-Hundred Situps (technically, crunches) programs a while back. Although it took a couple of attempts, I finally “finished” them — that is, I got up past 100 pushups and 200 … Continue reading Hipster Exercise

Psychological or physiological?

As I mentioned the other day, I have restarted the 100 Pushups and 200 Situps programs.  Something I noticed, both this time around and last time, is that my posture has improved a bit.  I sit a little straighter.  I stand a little taller.  This feels like it is a result of the exercise, but … Continue reading Psychological or physiological?

The Post-Apocalyptic Workout

The Post-Apocalyptic Workout looks interesting. It’s all about surviving “at the end of the world.” Whether that’s an actual zombie scenario or a natural disaster or whatnot is purely academic. The interesting and unique thing about this workout is that it is not only about physical fitness, but there is a also a pretty heavy … Continue reading The Post-Apocalyptic Workout