Puzzled Pint Portland heat map

In response to the previous post (Puzzled Pint surveys and metrics), someone had suggested building a heat map. I built a fairly primitive one with Google Earth and a short Ruby script. The radius of each circle is proportional to the number of attendees. The height is random-ish and only varies to help distinguish overlapping circles. … Continue reading Puzzled Pint Portland heat map

Netninja site changes: Hipster PDA & Code

Background I have talked about my relationship with the Hipster PDA for years.  It is a sort of love/hate thing.  I find that the basics are invaluable.  I really love all the beautiful little templates and forms that people have made for the 3″ x 5″ form factor.  Alas, I find that most — if … Continue reading Netninja site changes: Hipster PDA & Code

Heat map of election hackability

The website “dvice” has a nice clickable map of the states and what sort of voting equipment they use–and consequently how prone to hacking and software bugs they all are. Click a state to see what kind of equipment each district uses and a little more detail on the systems. I have to say that … Continue reading Heat map of election hackability

Google Street View

I noticed something interesting with Google Street View today. Normally, there is this little paper-doll guy that you can move around on the street to indicate your position. Picking him up and moving him great distances causes his feet to swing around. I guess they updated the images for the end of October: Posted in:

A job at Google that nearly anyone can get

Interesting… Google Maps will pay you up to $10 per store for doing the footwork required to get local businesses into their database. It includes tasks such as taking a few pictures, recording store hours and payment methods, and other such research. (via Digg)