A Laser Cut Index Card Box

About ten years ago — at a Container Store of all places — I found the most amazing little wooden box. It wasn’t fancy or decorative or ornamental. It didn’t have any special features or hidden compartments. It was a simple flip-top wooden box, described as “a recipe box.” At the time, I lived my … Continue reading A Laser Cut Index Card Box

The Hipster PDA Scrabble cheat sheet (v2.0)

A while back, I made a Scrabble “cheat sheet” that fit in the standard Hipster PDA 3×5 index card format. I used it for a few weeks, both in playing the Scrabble board game and Words With Friends. Unfortunately, it never quite worked the way I wanted it to. A couple of weeks ago, I updated … Continue reading The Hipster PDA Scrabble cheat sheet (v2.0)

Snazzy-Archives, Filtered

Note that this post is a duplicate of the Snazzy-Archives, Filtered project page, here at Netninja, and copied into the blog. It has been inserted here to make it part of the blog timeline, RSS, and whatnot so that it gets noticed. Comments are disabled on this post but enabled on the project page, so … Continue reading Snazzy-Archives, Filtered