A letter to my pen

Dear Space Pen,

Although I love you dearly, I believe it is time for us to start seeing others. You have a beautiful body, which is what initially attracted me to you. Your compact, sleek form that elongates into a full-sized pen is absolutely amazing. As the initial lust for your form-factor is wearing off, I am coming to the realization that it is the stuff on the inside that really counts. This is, unfortunately, your ugly side. Even though you have a fancy pressurized-gas ink cartridge that can write upside-down, under water, through butter, or in zero gravity, at your heart you are truly just another ballpoint pen, with all of the baggage that goes along with that. I have very little need to be writing while dangling upside-down from a cliff or while snorkeling. I have every need to write in smooth, consistent, dark strokes. At this, you fail. Your ink comes out unevenly. Recently, you have taken to initially releasing large gobs of ink before being able to write. Not only are these drips of ink unsightly, they are sticky and stain hands, pockets, and other papers.

I have tried my best to make things work. I tried changing my writing style to better account for your uneven lines. I tried searching far and wide for a rollerball or gel ink cartridge that fits your body. I even investigated modifying ink cartridges for other pens to fit you. In the end, though, nothing worked and all I am left with is a beautiful pen and inkstained fingers.

Very soon, a Cross Ion telescoping pen will arrive.  I do not want you to be fearful or resentful.  I just want you to understand that the Cross will provide more of what I need.



3 thoughts on “A letter to my pen”

  1. I still love my space pen. I am now addicted to twirling it absentmindedly, high-school-debater style. This has caused me to drop the little silver vibrator so many times that it is pockmarked with tiny dents.

    I also revel in the unpredictable beauty of its uneven line.

    My main problem with the design is that it’s too sleek for my pockets. It slips out all the time, and I panicked after losing it briefly at a bar and then at home a few weeks ago. So now, to give it traction in my trouser action, I wrapped a rubber band around the center. No more slippage!

    I even sleep with it at my side. Haven’t slept with a girl in a long, long time. I’m sure you’re surprised.

    Been reading your blog on the regular for a week now. Enjoying it, but not as much as I enjoy my space pen.

    Simon G.

  2. Hey! Simon! You’re the same Simon I met with Connoly and/or Julian at Aalto about 4 months ago, right? (Yeah, I don’t get out much.) That rubber band tip is a really cool idea. I owned (well, I guess I still own them–they’re just in the back of the desk drawer now) two Space Pens for that same reason. One would fall out (usually in the car seat or easy chair) and I’d be penless until I found it. The Ion pen that I am using now has a rubber grip, so it hasn’t been an issue, fortunately. I have a few friends who would love to know that rubber band tip, if you don’t mind me passing it along.

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