More Ketchup

This is another catch-up post to cover all sorts of topics from the past week. Dream Last night, I had an odd dream in which I somehow lost a cadaver. I have no idea why I had one. I might have been a mortician or transporting it or merely keeping an eye on it for … Continue reading More Ketchup

Signs of Change

Last week, new signs were put up in the restrooms at work. I am not entirely certain why grown adults need to be told to wash their hands in a method befitting 3rd graders, but I did not question it. I wash my hands anyway and just ignored the signs. Today, somebody put new signs … Continue reading Signs of Change

Ceiling Cat is watching you stand around the coffeemaker

While chatting with some coworkers around the coffee station at work, I looked up and was surprised by a ceiling cat. It would appear that a pattern is available here: Posted in:

Minor Update

No recent blog posts… it’s been a busy week. It would appear that 6 inches of silicone rubber weatherstripping is the best cat toy ever. Ebenezer loves it. Charlotte, who does not typically play with cat toys, was seen to be playing with it a few times. The non-toys always make the best toys. Portlanders, … Continue reading Minor Update

Photo Ketchup

It has been a while since I emptied my camera, so I figured it was time for a photo catch-up post. First, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. I wanted to photographically convey how treacherous the stairs in the new house are. They’re really shallow and really tall. I also wanted … Continue reading Photo Ketchup

RIP Triops

Like all good toys aimed at kids ages 8 and up, my Triops kit resulted in a death over the weekend. Our dear Mister Triop is now in the great big sushi platter in the sky. He passed away some time during the weekend, which was not a big surprise, as he had been acting … Continue reading RIP Triops

Apple Keyboard

After playing with the new Apple keyboard for 5-10 minutes at the Apple Store the other week (the sales folks were curious as to why I was writing what looked like code into a TextEdit window), I decided to get one. The key spacing isn’t a big deal at all–they just squared the beveled edges … Continue reading Apple Keyboard

Big Daddy Protects The Triopolis

Big Daddy, the sentinel, standing guard over Triopolis. In unrelated news, I mentioned Mailplane the other day and have been using it since. I’m not quite sure I like it, but I’m not quite sure I dislike it. More testing will be required. At any rate, I seem to have come across five invites. Drop … Continue reading Big Daddy Protects The Triopolis