Field Notes: Expedition Edition

As you may know, I like pen-and-paper for taking notes.  It is a little more quick and freeform than using the phone.  Remove phone from pocket.  Wake up.  Enter passcode.  Go to home screen.  Find app.  Launch app.  Start ‘new’ note.  What was I going to note, again?  A Space Pen in one pocket and … Continue reading Field Notes: Expedition Edition

My reverse iPad/Moleskine hack

I have seen plenty of “iPad Moleskine hacks” out there that all boil down to attacking a Moleskine with an X-Acto blade and inserting your iPad inside, rendering the Moleskine’s quality as being a blank book useless.  The DODOcase is a professionally made iPad case that has perfected the Moleskine-like look.  I really like the … Continue reading My reverse iPad/Moleskine hack