Kindle versus paper: a pictorial

I have had a Kindle for a few months now and really enjoy it. I have been reading like I’ve never read before! The size and convenience are great and, for many texts, far outweighs the longevity and space requirements of paper books (even though I love having shelves and shelves of book spines to … Continue reading Kindle versus paper: a pictorial

Why I prefer Nambu as a Twitter client

For a long while, I used Twitterrific as my only Twitter client. It is a great, well written, application that nicely integrates into OS X. Unfortunately, I outgrew it. The people I follow in Twitter generally fall into three groups: the Portland tech scene, the ARG scene, and “other” (which includes friends that fit in … Continue reading Why I prefer Nambu as a Twitter client

iPhone Firmware 1.1.1

I updated to iPhone firmware 1.1.1 yesterday. The upgrade went without a hitch–I did a full restore, rather than hope the update played well with the 3rd-party-app hacks. It went flawlessly. The wireless iTunes store is interesting, but does not have the main things I would be listening to (podcasts and audiobooks.) Live, streaming 30-second … Continue reading iPhone Firmware 1.1.1


I am now officially over the Space Pen. See A Letter To My Pen for my list of gripes and complaints. The new pen, a Cross Ion, is great. It is a bit more chunky than I’d like, but it writes well and has a good visual indication of how much ink is left. Plus, … Continue reading Pens