Digital Note-Taking

I’ve been using a couple of different systems for note-taking over the past several years. Last month, I had meant to point a friend/coworker to a blog post describing my setup. (Hi, Dunx!) He had been using Evernote which, to put it mildly, pooped its pants, deleting much of his content. [Spoiler: he managed to … Continue reading Digital Note-Taking

My reverse iPad/Moleskine hack

I have seen plenty of “iPad Moleskine hacks” out there that all boil down to attacking a Moleskine with an X-Acto blade and inserting your iPad inside, rendering the Moleskine’s quality as being a blank book useless.  The DODOcase is a professionally made iPad case that has perfected the Moleskine-like look.  I really like the … Continue reading My reverse iPad/Moleskine hack