Inbox Zero again

Well, I’m back down to inbox zero again. I’ve been at inbox 2 for several months, mainly because of trouble-tickets I opened (and were quickly fixed) for stuff related to moving Kim’s email from Dreamhost (our web host) to Google Apps for Domains as part of her shutdown. They were mainly placeholders to remind me to do something technical as soon as Kim pulled the trigger to finalize shutting things down. Yeah, yeah, yeah–hardcore inbox zero folks will complain that they should have been moved out of there and put on a TODO list, but I’m sometimes lazy like that. At any rate, they’re gone now and I’m back to zero. It’s the little achievements in life, ya’ know?

inbox zero-20081006.png

In regards to my Remember the Milk query the other day, I think I’m just going to stick with a good ol’ pen and paper Hipster PDA. There’s just too much overhead with RTM for it to work for me.

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  1. Nice.

    My current inbox has 500 UNREAD emails. I drew the line at 500 a few months back when I hit the evil 666 and have kept it there. So, I now consider this number to equal zero. Total inbox is around 2000 or so.

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