Introducing Puzzle Sidekick

When I last updated ARG Tools back in August, I alluded to an upcoming new version of the app called Puzzle Sidekick. I am pleased to announce that it is now available. If you are familiar with ARG Tools, you already know what it does and I suspect you will be quite happy with the … Continue reading Introducing Puzzle Sidekick

ARG Tools v2.1

I hit the App Store “release” button for ARG Tools v2.1, which means it should be showing up in your iTunes and on your devices shortly. This version adds a couple of new features as well as a few reference sheets, but the important news is that this may be the final version of ARG … Continue reading ARG Tools v2.1

ARG Tools 1.7 announcement addendum

In my rush to get ARG Tools 1.7 reviewed and approved before WarTron, I made a minor slip up in my announcement blog post.  I forgot some attributions and would like to take a moment to thank Derek for suggesting increasing the size of the Braille dots and including resistor color codes.  The color codes did … Continue reading ARG Tools 1.7 announcement addendum

ARG Tools 1.6

Hear ye, hear ye. By decree of the Apple review board, it has been decided that ARG Tools 1.6 is a perfectly acceptable and serviceable iPhone app that should immediately be made available to the public at large. This version fixes an egregious error in the Morse Code table, namely an extra dash for the … Continue reading ARG Tools 1.6

Pictures, Invites, and Question

Pictures! This is my entry in the ColorWars reverse-caption contest: It was warm and sunny this afternoon. Everyone was enjoying it. It’s amazing what a little work and less than $20 worth of supplies from the hardware store can do to get you more organized. This is my “network closet” (you can’t really see the … Continue reading Pictures, Invites, and Question

In which we discover $(new drill) < $(replacement battery)

I have had my Makita cordless drill since about 2000. The batteries have been real troopers. Recently, the two battery packs it came with had only been able to hold about 5 minutes of charge each, but with two packs, it was usually enough if you act quickly. Getting new battery packs has been on … Continue reading In which we discover $(new drill) < $(replacement battery)

The Make Bomb Defuser

I am now ready to cut the red–NO, GREEN!–wire, thanks to my Make Magazine Bomb Defuser. Yes, Make has a laser etcher and along with laptop lids, they are finding all sorts of things to etch. This thing was part of a birthday present to myself (well, I guess it’s technically from my parents, as … Continue reading The Make Bomb Defuser