Introducing Puzzle Sidekick

When I last updated ARG Tools back in August, I alluded to an upcoming new version of the app called Puzzle Sidekick. I am pleased to announce that it is now available. If you are familiar with ARG Tools, you already know what it does and I suspect you will be quite happy with the … Continue reading Introducing Puzzle Sidekick

Nature’s Rubik Cube

Over the weekend, I got in a discussion with George about the Monkey Puzzle Tree. He said they grew along the west coast and I was uncertain but doubtful about it. I thought they had crazy nuts/fruit the fell down and broken into puzzle pieces and he had no idea what I was talking about. … Continue reading Nature’s Rubik Cube


Please note that all blog posts before 8 April 2007 were automatically imported from LiveJournal.  To see the comments and any LiveJournal-specific extras such as polls and user icons, please find the source posting at that the puzzle trail has been announced and completed, I figured it would be okay to post the details of … Continue reading SecretDNA