A Cat Food Calendar

In these pandemic days of time losing meaning, with days sliding into one another, and difficulty keeping schedules, Christine and I ran into a few snags in the chores. We feed the cats twice a day, a can each time, two cans a day. When you start with a flat of 24 cans, that’s a … Continue reading A Cat Food Calendar

On equality, with a digression into toys

I am going to get serious for a few paragraphs, but don’t worry. It will lighten up and there will be cats. Today, in the United States, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It is a federal holiday celebrating the life and work of MLK Jr. The world has changed significantly since the 60s — … Continue reading On equality, with a digression into toys

RIP Distraction Mouse

  Distraction Mouse started life under my pillow. Okay, I think technically he started life in a Chinese factory. He has a plastic core with something inside that rattles. He’s covered in rabbit fur (rabbits that were used for culinary purposes). But in our house, he started life under my pillow. We have a kitten … Continue reading RIP Distraction Mouse

And introducing: Cornelius

I realized that I’ve mentioned this on Instagram and to a few friends, but have not yet made any reference on this blog: I have a new kitten! His name is Cornelis! He was born on February 21st at Enchanted Sphynx. I visited him and his brother about a month ago. And he came home two … Continue reading And introducing: Cornelius

Choose your own measuring cup

About a year ago I designed and printed a 1/4 cup measuring cup. You see, I needed a good way to measure cat food. I only needed the one size, so buying a whole set of measuring cups seemed like a waste. With a MakerBot in the other room, I figured it was best to make just the one size of measuring cup.

The design and manufacture of a cat toy

Yesterday I taked about fixing a cat toy.  Today, I should briefly mention the one I designed a couple of weekends ago.  I’ve had the idea kicking around in my head for quite a few months to design a treat-dispensing cat toy.  Surprisingly, there is not one already on Thingiverse.  I sketched out a quick … Continue reading The design and manufacture of a cat toy