On the iPhone Gonzo Divination

In the past few weeks, partly out of silliness and partly out of artistic creativity, I’ve been posting a #GonzoDivination image to The Socials each morning. Pre-hashtag, it started with taking a semi-traditional tarot spread, but using a combination of divination and inspirational cards, instead of using all cards from a single deck. Over time, … Continue reading On the iPhone Gonzo Divination

A WiFi Thumb Drive for Travel

In less than a week, I’ll be traveling the world, living out of a backpack. I’m going light on the tech this trip. My “laptop” will be the iPad, probably living in the location’s base of operations (hotel or hostel), with the phone as my everyday-carry communicator. Although I have both iPad and iPhone with … Continue reading A WiFi Thumb Drive for Travel

Introducing Puzzle Sidekick

When I last updated ARG Tools back in August, I alluded to an upcoming new version of the app called Puzzle Sidekick. I am pleased to announce that it is now available. If you are familiar with ARG Tools, you already know what it does and I suspect you will be quite happy with the … Continue reading Introducing Puzzle Sidekick

How I got screwed by Photo Stream and Aperture

When Apple introduced Photo Stream as part of its iCloud offering a year ago, I jumped on board.  By that time, my iPhone was already my primary camera.  The old Canon point-and-shoot was collecting dust in a corner.  And Photo Stream solved a real problem for me.  My phone syncs with my laptop, but I … Continue reading How I got screwed by Photo Stream and Aperture

Because the world needs the Sherlock moan ringtone…

In the BBC Sherlock episode “A Scandal in Belgravia,” Irene Adler (a.k.a. The Woman) takes Sherlock’s cellphone and sets a custom ringtone for herself — a moan, to be precise.  The ringtone gets used to some effect throughout the episode. And because the world needs more ringtones, I turned it into an iPhone ringtone. There … Continue reading Because the world needs the Sherlock moan ringtone…

Nest post-unboxing (i.e. installation)

A few months ago, I signed up for the Nest Thermostat waiting list.  I received it recently.  The Nest is the current darling of the tech blogs.  It was invented when the guy who created the first few generations of iPod and iPhone was looking for a thermostat.  After spending a lot of money on … Continue reading Nest post-unboxing (i.e. installation)

Star Trek SMS tone Redux

One of the more popular posts on my site is My iPhone’s Start Trek SMS tone (a how-to).  This delves a bit into the sequence of ssh commands on a jailbroken phone to swap out the default SMS sound with a Star Trek: The Next Generation communicator sound. iOS 5, thankfully, has rendered that post useless. … Continue reading Star Trek SMS tone Redux

WikiPub: WikiLeaks on your eBook reader

I read. I read a lot. I do not necessarily read as fast as the folks that can power through a book in a weekend, but I get a lot of enjoyment out of it nonetheless. Part of this reading occurs during my daily commute. Recently, I managed to grab a copy of the WikiLeaks … Continue reading WikiPub: WikiLeaks on your eBook reader