Music on the ground

I listen to a good amount of my music “in the cloud.” At first, that meant Pandora. I’ve since dropped that in favor of Rdio, which does the Pandora radio station shuffle thing, but also lets you pick what you want to listen to, on demand. (As an aside, I have no real opinion on … Continue reading Music on the ground

Non-ARG, Bellydance Weekend!

As I’ve lamented in various other places, this weekend was not ARGfest for me (despite conflicting photographic “evidence”.) In fact, until recently, I was expecting to follow it from home and help out where I could with FestQuest puzzles and/or other tasks that might pop up. Unfortunately, Kim’s help at her event this previous weekend … Continue reading Non-ARG, Bellydance Weekend!

In which we discover $(new drill) < $(replacement battery)

I have had my Makita cordless drill since about 2000. The batteries have been real troopers. Recently, the two battery packs it came with had only been able to hold about 5 minutes of charge each, but with two packs, it was usually enough if you act quickly. Getting new battery packs has been on … Continue reading In which we discover $(new drill) < $(replacement battery)