ARG Tools 1.6

Hear ye, hear ye. By decree of the Apple review board, it has been decided that ARG Tools 1.6 is a perfectly acceptable and serviceable iPhone app that should immediately be made available to the public at large.

This version fixes an egregious error in the Morse Code table, namely an extra dash for the “u.” Thank you Suzan. Thank you Curtis and your playtest group.

This version also adds:

  • an ASCII table
  • the phonetic alphabet
  • the Myst glyphs
  • a list of prime numbers
  • music notes and their frequencies
  • a link to the Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

For readers unaware of the ARG Tools app, it is a set of crypto tools and reference material for solving the typical sorts of puzzled you might find in ARGs, puzzle hunts, and general puzzle solving. The tools range from decoder-ring style codebreaking to countdown timer prediction. The reference material spans many sorts of alphabetic encodings to music, elements, and countries. Find it on iTunes!

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2 thoughts on “ARG Tools 1.6”

  1. I really wish something like this was available fFor android. There are about a dozen apps to do each thing individually, but there doesn’t seem to be one app that does a lot of things well.

    1. I think it would be cool to make an Android app and quite a few people have asked about one. I may have to build up a FAQ as to why I can’t/won’t:

      – A lot of the core crypto functionality is in Objective-C and would need to be translated to Java.
      – Although I remember Java reasonably well, I’m not sure I have the time to learn all the Android-specific bindings for UI and other sorts of interactions.
      – The big differences in screen sizes and back buttons kind of bugs me. I don’t have a single Android device, much less access to a handful of handheld/tablet ones with different resolutions.
      – And going back to the time thing, I only barely have enough time to maintain the iOS version (a language/environment I already know). I’m not sure I’ll have enough time to maintain multiple versions.

      Somebody on Twitter pointed me to Puzzle Pal, but the description and screenshots are a little lacking:

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