The Recompiler: a feminist hacker magazine

There is a relatively new feminist hacker magazine out called The Recompiler. The first issue is out, with a second on the way. It’s a great magazine that I highly recommend. I bought a subscription before the magazine even existed. I suppose I could invoke some sort of hipsterism and say that last sentence in a … Continue reading The Recompiler: a feminist hacker magazine

Dear Wired: please don’t assume I am a man, or large

I recently agreed to a new rule in the house: with a few exceptions, such as smartphone-as-alarm-clock, no gadgets in the bedroom. I’ve always thought that the bedroom should be for sleeping, plus one other thing, but have slowly been slipping — so gradually that I didn’t notice. Twitter, texting, and generally interacting remotely with … Continue reading Dear Wired: please don’t assume I am a man, or large

The Make Bomb Defuser

I am now ready to cut the red–NO, GREEN!–wire, thanks to my Make Magazine Bomb Defuser. Yes, Make has a laser etcher and along with laptop lids, they are finding all sorts of things to etch. This thing was part of a birthday present to myself (well, I guess it’s technically from my parents, as … Continue reading The Make Bomb Defuser

Steampunk Magazine

The other day, I picked up a magazine from the ‘zine section of Powell’s called Steampunk Magazine. This is so my magazine. It has some great fiction. It has an interview with the Crabfu guy (if you have not heard of him, he makes steam-powered remote controlled contraptions.) It has an article on modifying a … Continue reading Steampunk Magazine