Droid Repair Kit Decal

I’ve been a big fan of Star Wars since I was a kid — moreso since Disneyland opened Black Spire Outpost. And even moreso since I got to take a trip on the Starcruiser in Orlando. I’ve used my Maker skills for all sorts of Star-Wars-themed projects from Sabacc chips to racks and cases to … Continue reading Droid Repair Kit Decal

Fixing Oregon’s “I Voted” Stickers

Here in Oregon, everyone votes by mail. This is great because you can vote in a bathrobe and slippers, taking your time to research candidates and measures — all over a cup of tea. You then drop it in the mail or take it to an official dropbox, and you’re done. The one problem with … Continue reading Fixing Oregon’s “I Voted” Stickers

You are Beautiful, Inside and Out

I have perhaps gained a reputation among close personal friends. The phrase “real-life troll” has been kicked around by those that are in the know. I can neither confirm nor deny this allegation, but the following evidence has been entered into the record: Exhibit A: The “voice activated paper towel instruction” stickers. Exhibit B: The … Continue reading You are Beautiful, Inside and Out

Experiments in Glass Etching

Every fall I bust out the candlemaking supplies. My skill in that department isn’t going to place my candles in fancy boutiques, but they’re functional enough to provide some warmth and ambience throughout the winter. And every year I hone that skill or broaden the scope to adjacent domains. I’ve mainly stuck to producing container … Continue reading Experiments in Glass Etching

Free Paper Cowboy Hats

You may recall my in-real-life trolling stickers and signs — the voice activated paper towel dispenser, the fake power outlet, and the baby changing station — from a previous blog post: I have some new stickers now that are less of a troll and more of a chuckle. Like the previous stickers, I cannot take credit … Continue reading Free Paper Cowboy Hats

Evil Prank Stickers

UPDATE: Since posting this, I have a new design (“Free Paper Cowboy Hat“), plus all of these stickers are now available to purchase.   Back in the day, some friends and I would hang out at the late night coffee shop, coming up with all kinds of amazing ideas. Great ideas that could get us … Continue reading Evil Prank Stickers

On custom laptop clings

Recently I found myself in the position to say “my laptop, well, my other laptop.” You see, at work I shifted around my development environment. I write embedded Linux code, I’ve worked at a Linux desktop for the past few jobs — for over a decade. My personal laptop has been a Mac for as long … Continue reading On custom laptop clings

“Paper Towel, Please”

UPDATE: Since posting this, I have two new designs (a fake power outlet plus “Free Paper Cowboy Hat“). Additionally, all of these stickers are now available to purchase.   A couple of weeks ago, a funny image of prank paper towel dispenser stickers made the rounds on Twitter. I searched the internet for those stickers, but … Continue reading “Paper Towel, Please”