My work, on display at NAB

It’s not unusual for a product or service that I played some small part in designing and building to appear at an industry trade show, whether that’s CES or NAB or whathaveyou. But this year, a device in which I was a lot more integral in the hands-on design and manufacture appeared. I not only designed a … Continue reading My work, on display at NAB

Further adventures in OpenGL: Octocat

As a followup from my previous OpenGL post: I have now successfully rendered an external STL file (a 3D printer object) using OpenGL. And what better model than the Octocat? Warning: nerd talk ahead. Stop reading if you don’t care about the nerdy details. It turns out that I can’t de-dupe the points as I … Continue reading Further adventures in OpenGL: Octocat

3D Printed Medieval Barbie Armor

Zheng3’s Kickstarter project is to design 3D printable medieval armor for Barbie dolls. I see this as being a great transition to help girls ease their doll play from “let’s go shopping” to a much more active and kick-ass “let’s fight that nasty dragon and save the village.”

The design and manufacture of a cat toy

Yesterday I taked about fixing a cat toy.  Today, I should briefly mention the one I designed a couple of weekends ago.  I’ve had the idea kicking around in my head for quite a few months to design a treat-dispensing cat toy.  Surprisingly, there is not one already on Thingiverse.  I sketched out a quick … Continue reading The design and manufacture of a cat toy

Put it in a skull

I made, as they say at Thingiverse, a derivative work.  I started with the 3D model of Chester Copperpot.  I then used my favorite CAD-for-programmers app, OpenSCAD, to slice it apart, hollow out the main skull part, and add a fitting peg to the lid so the top won’t slide off.  I am good at engineering … Continue reading Put it in a skull