Norman the Terminator

Exhibit A: Ebenezer in the “Terminate Yourself” promotion earlier this year Exhibit B: Norman with his terminator haircut A big chunk of Norman’s head has been shaved clean. As best as I can tell, he got in a cat fight, but the wound got infected and abscessed, so the vet cleaned things up. In the … Continue reading Norman the Terminator

Two in the bush

Something a little bit surprising happened last weekend that I briefly twittered about, but never got around to writing down. Kim was finishing up some gardening in the front yard and Norman the cat was jumping through the grass, digging in the dirt, and just being an energetic outdoor kitty. After I got my stuff … Continue reading Two in the bush

Photo dump: mystery switch, window perch, bathroom, sun

When my main machine was the 17″ laptop, I had a great system for pulling pictures directly from my camera, almost immediately after taking them, then pushing them to Flickr with FlickrExport for Aperture. The new (well, not terribly new now) MacBook Air does not meet the system requirements for Aperture (I got the low … Continue reading Photo dump: mystery switch, window perch, bathroom, sun

Can’t work; cats will climb me

In offloading some photos to Aperture and Flickr, I ran across this one from the other week. When doing work at home, it is usually on the laptop on the sofa or easy chair in the front room. With the ergonomic kneely chair at my desk, my back is exposed enough to allow Ebenezer to … Continue reading Can’t work; cats will climb me

Ebenezer’s Snow Failure

Ebenezer’s previous day in the snow, back in 2005, was fun but uneventful. He went out in the snow, which was only a centimeter or two deep, wandered around, then returned. This year, he almost did not make it out the door. Even with the sweater, he was cold and a bit unnerved by the … Continue reading Ebenezer’s Snow Failure

My life, the bad sitcom

Kim: Did the timer go off? Me: I didn’t hear it. Kim: You didn’t hear it? Timer: *brrrrrring* Me: The timer went off. In other news, Ebenezer — the nekkid cat — has reaffirmed some of his quirks. He is the only cat I know that is indifferent toward catnip, yet loves bleach. Kim is … Continue reading My life, the bad sitcom


Last weekend, this is where I biked to. There were people making out, people in a far-off drum circle, a crazy old lady with a harmonica, a pair of young Italian guys playing bocce ball, and lots of people walking their dogs. The reservoir has funny little processing buildings that look like a combination between … Continue reading Photoblogtastico!