From Atoms to Bits to Atoms: A Cat Toy’s Journey

After staring at a cat toy for a few minutes, piecing out the geometry, I realized that this would make a great instructional design for an introduction to 3D CAD modeling using simple geometric shapes and boolean transforms.

DIY foamcore cat toy balls

It does not take much to make a cat toy.  Often times, they will make their own toys out of stuff around the house (even if you do not want them to) such as shoelaces.  They like crumpled up paper balls.  They like the plastic pull-off safety tab from the milk bottle.  They like chewing … Continue reading DIY foamcore cat toy balls

Cat-scratcher cost-savings analysis

In the previous Cat Scratcher post, I forgot to include the following picture, taken in a local PetSmart of similar (but more cheaply made) products: The small cat-scratchers go for $10.  The larger, more fancy ones — the ones most similar to the one I designed and made — go for $25.  In mine, the … Continue reading Cat-scratcher cost-savings analysis

Adventures in cat-scratching -or- how a laser project became a regular project

When you first start out with the laser cutter (for me, not in-person but via a service like Ponoko), it seems that everyone’s “hello, world” project is a set of coasters.  I have done a couple of projects since then, but have had one in particular in my eye that is actually not that much … Continue reading Adventures in cat-scratching -or- how a laser project became a regular project

Most expensive cat toy redux: iPad + Meowmania

It looks like I am a little late to the party on this one.  Various technology blogs have now featured videos of cats and dogs on the iPad.  (…although technically I did this on day two, but have been lazy about posting.)  As with the iPhone and Meowmania post, this is the Meowmania [iTunes link] app, … Continue reading Most expensive cat toy redux: iPad + Meowmania

Yes, I can has cheezburger

I like to poke fun at Etsy. It seems that for every one reasonable product, there are thousands of crafty products that are a little too “craft.” These include items made with popsicle sticks, puffy paint, shrinky-dinks, rhinestones, and assorted garbage.  I am also a big fan of Regretsy for this reason.  Until recently, I … Continue reading Yes, I can has cheezburger

iPhone + Meowmania = most expensive cat toy ever

A few months ago at Ignite Portland 7, a few of us on the balcony were comparing silly cat-related iPhone apps. My takeaway from that discussion was Meowmania (iTunes link). Meowmania does one and only one thing. When you touch the screen, a spinning cat head appears and meows. That’s it. No real point. Buuuut… … Continue reading iPhone + Meowmania = most expensive cat toy ever

Norman the Terminator

Exhibit A: Ebenezer in the “Terminate Yourself” promotion earlier this year Exhibit B: Norman with his terminator haircut A big chunk of Norman’s head has been shaved clean. As best as I can tell, he got in a cat fight, but the wound got infected and abscessed, so the vet cleaned things up. In the … Continue reading Norman the Terminator

Weekend Woodworking

Over the weekend, I selfishly took advantage of the Father’s Day sales and bought myself a sabre saw (or, as Kim calls it, the sabertooth saw), even though I am not a father (that I’m aware of, at least.) I have been starting to get ideas for things to build that were just a bit … Continue reading Weekend Woodworking