RIP Distraction Mouse

  Distraction Mouse started life under my pillow. Okay, I think technically he started life in a Chinese factory. He has a plastic core with something inside that rattles. He’s covered in rabbit fur (rabbits that were used for culinary purposes). But in our house, he started life under my pillow. We have a kitten … Continue reading RIP Distraction Mouse

Norman the Terminator

Exhibit A: Ebenezer in the “Terminate Yourself” promotion earlier this year Exhibit B: Norman with his terminator haircut A big chunk of Norman’s head has been shaved clean. As best as I can tell, he got in a cat fight, but the wound got infected and abscessed, so the vet cleaned things up. In the … Continue reading Norman the Terminator

Terminator annoyance

So I have been watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and something has been bugging me. If you can only bring flesh (or technology wrapped in flesh) and not straight-up technology through a time portal, then how did that bare terminator head get flung out of the bank vault and into the current-day storyline??? Posted … Continue reading Terminator annoyance

Moving pictures with synchronized sound

A few TV/Movie thoughts while I’m waiting on replacement clutch cylinders… To use a quote/show-title from coffejedi, I was pleasantly surprised by the “River Tam Beats Up Everyone” show (also known as “Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles.” I was expecting it to be a crappy SciFi show melded with a crappy action show, but really … Continue reading Moving pictures with synchronized sound