Our Portland Staycation

A few weeks ago, Kim and I took a little “staycation” here in Portland.  It was just after her great Trunk Show, at the very same hotel.  The Hotel deLuxe is a lovely little boutique hotel in that part of town on the other side of the 405 that is not quite downtown and not … Continue reading Our Portland Staycation

Historic Photos of Portland

As I mentioned before, I find myself the owner of a book entitled Historic Photos of Portland. I guess they have a whole series with various cities in the US. I’ve been meaning to pour through it for the past few weeks, but between busy weeks and busy weekends, I never had the time. The … Continue reading Historic Photos of Portland

More Ketchup

This is another catch-up post to cover all sorts of topics from the past week. Dream Last night, I had an odd dream in which I somehow lost a cadaver. I have no idea why I had one. I might have been a mortician or transporting it or merely keeping an eye on it for … Continue reading More Ketchup

The neighborhood, then and now

I am not sure what prompted me, but I thought I’d look for historic photos of the neighborhood in the Portland Archives. Unfortunately, the full archives are only open 10-4 M-F, which are hours that do not work for me. Fortunately, they have a subset of their material online as something called Efiles. I was … Continue reading The neighborhood, then and now