Bioshock on the iPhone?

I’m not much of a video game player (although increasingly moreso, recently.) I’m even less of a first-person-shooter player. But I have to say that my all time favorite FPS game is Bioshock. Actually, I think it is the only FPS game that I actually like. Anyway, it is coming to the iPhone!!! Details are … Continue reading Bioshock on the iPhone?

Bioshock DRM?

According to reports (e.g. digg) Bioshock installs a DRM rootkit on your machine. The original report does indicate that Microsoft’s RootkitRevealer application flags it as such, but it actually looks to be less of a rootkit (i.e. something that installs itself at ring-0, cloaks itself, and makes it almost impossible to remove) and more of … Continue reading Bioshock DRM?


So. Bioshock. Before I can talk about that, I have to talk about BootCamp. In concept, Apple’s BootCamp is awesome. It lets you nondestructively partition the drive, burns a disc of Windows drivers, and lets you install Windows. In reality, the repartitioning is not quite up to quality. It seems that if your drive is … Continue reading Bioshock!

Big Daddy Protects The Triopolis

Big Daddy, the sentinel, standing guard over Triopolis. In unrelated news, I mentioned Mailplane the other day and have been using it since. I’m not quite sure I like it, but I’m not quite sure I dislike it. More testing will be required. At any rate, I seem to have come across five invites. Drop … Continue reading Big Daddy Protects The Triopolis

Mailplane, Suprnova, Bioshock

Mailplane is an OS X client frontend for Gmail (and Google Apps for Domains.) You get the responsiveness of a desktop app with the “I can quickly check my mail from anywhere” webmail backend. Now, if only they’ll open the beta. In other linkiness: Suprnova is back and being run by ThePirateBay folks now. In … Continue reading Mailplane, Suprnova, Bioshock