Potions Party Website

Less than a week after the Harry Potter Potions Party that Christine and I hosted, I wrote The Inception of the Potions Party, a quick blog-post overview of the party and the inspiration and tinkering that led to us saying “you know, I think this may just work. Not only work, but be super-amazing!” Today, … Continue reading Potions Party Website

#10yearsago, a time-lapse glimpse

There is a #10yearsago meme going around Twitter. Because I am unable to fit my response into 140 characters, you get a blog post. I was living in California in the aforementioned cottage house. I was a lot more gothic/industrial back then (at least, on the outside; I think I will always be on the … Continue reading #10yearsago, a time-lapse glimpse

Flashback: thump, scraaaape… thump, scraaaape…

I started blogging in 2001. Prior to that I had a couple of website on which I wrote things in a fairly unorganized fashion. I had netninja.com, my main site since 1997, and used to have diedrichs.org, a site celebrating a gang of coffee shop buddies, from a few years after that until I finally … Continue reading Flashback: thump, scraaaape… thump, scraaaape…

Music for playing intense games of Jenga

This past weekend, I went to a pre-Thanksgiving party. It was a fun event and I met plenty of great people. It was obvious that the two roommates hosting the party had groups of friends with different tastes. Their Venn Diagrams overlapped by only one or two people. One roommate and company were in one … Continue reading Music for playing intense games of Jenga

Windows 7 Launch Party, Service Pack 1

A couple of weeks ago, a friend invited me to a Windows 7 Launch Party, and included a nerdy picture with the email. Last night, I Photoshopped it a bit. My plan is to staple the updated “Service Pack 1” picture to a paper bag, and use that to carry in some beer and snacks. … Continue reading Windows 7 Launch Party, Service Pack 1

A little girl last night said I…

Last night, I attended a most excellent party. (Thank you, Grace and Micha! I regret that I did not get to say more than a few words to Micha, but there were so many people there and too many interesting and great conversations!) The main focus was as a sort of going-away-to-college shindig, but there … Continue reading A little girl last night said I…

Waiting for slow busses in snow

Good evening! It’s freakin’ cold outside. We have had snow, off and on, the past week with a whole bunch starting last night. We usually bus it around town, but lately there hasn’t been a choice, even if we’d wanted to drive. Last night was a quick hop up the #14 to yummy dinner at … Continue reading Waiting for slow busses in snow