Photo Ketchup

It has been a while since I emptied my camera, so I figured it was time for a photo catch-up post. First, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. I wanted to photographically convey how treacherous the stairs in the new house are. They’re really shallow and really tall. I also wanted a photo to show off my new Red Robot socks from Diesel Sweeties. I am not sure if the picture shows off the stairs very well, but it does show off the socks.

The former occupants of the house left us a little present in the kitchen: a drawer full of ancient baking supplies and utensils!

Next up, we have a couple of photos from the office party at Players, including a video game with a Windows error and Bob on a motorcycle simulator. You sort of have to know Bob for this to be at all interesting.

Next up, we have a bunch of photos from the recent trip to 42 Entertainment.

An interesting photo from this set is my collection of “reagents.” All of my liquids on the flight were in plain bottles marked with Reagent A, Reagent B, and Reagent C in sharpie marker. Both directions, the liquids were pulled from my bag and examined, then placed back in without comment. The fourth bottle used to be Dove hairspray, which I threw out to put in my spray-in conditioner. Of course, I scribbled over the text in solid blocks. With the dove symbol, I just put a big X over. You know, like an X over the peace sign. Also in the bag was a copy of the Bill of Rights printed on a sharp rectangle of metal.

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