Signs of Change

Last week, new signs were put up in the restrooms at work. I am not entirely certain why grown adults need to be told to wash their hands in a method befitting 3rd graders, but I did not question it. I wash my hands anyway and just ignored the signs.

Today, somebody put new signs up over the existing ones…

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2 thoughts on “Signs of Change”

  1. The frightening thing is, this means one of your co-workers smelled strongly enough of ass to prompt someone to create and post the new signs.

  2. @Gupfee: I think the origins are a little more benign. Immediately after the “wash your hands” signs went up, a group of us was having lunch and talking about how childish it was to have those signs up in a building full of responsible adults (some of whom are carpet-floor office workers and some of whom are epoxy-floor engineering and manufacturing people who deal with nasty enough chemicals that they wash their hands both before and after using the restroom.)

    In joking about how insulting the signs felt, one of us sarcastically asked if “be sure to wipe your ass” signs would be next. And–a few days later, for a few hours until they got torn down–they were!

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