It’s Okay to Abandon Things

In this blog post, I’ll share with you my methods for dealing with abandoning books, movies, and personal projects. You see, I have a bit of a perfectionist/completionist streak. That’s worked against me in these areas. I’m able to keep it in check in my work life. When writing code on a deadline, it’s good … Continue reading It’s Okay to Abandon Things

Video Rekognizer

This year at Amazon’s re:Invent conference, Rekognition premiered as a new service. It is a “deep-learning AI” service that performs image recognition on pictures you show it. It provides labels of objects and concepts it finds in the image. It can also do facial recognition. Hitting the Rekognition API is only a few lines of … Continue reading Video Rekognizer

On the Headache of Digital Movie Redemption

I own a lot of movies on physical media. A lot. Something like 300+ at last count.I downsized A few years ago, compressing several tall bookshelves of movies to three shoebox-equvalent boxes by ditching the packaging and placing the discs in sleeves. I like the format because I can extract movies into DRM-free files using Handbrake … Continue reading On the Headache of Digital Movie Redemption

College Quidditch

It is the month of March — the month that brings madness to the world of college-level basketball. But I’m not going to speak of that because I know very little of basketball matches and teams. I’m going to talk about quidditch. You know that quidditch is real, right? Through the magic of the internet … Continue reading College Quidditch

HOWTO: Ripping DVDs

I have a friend who recently got the one/two combo of a Mac Mini and AppleTV.  (Hi, Micha!)  Starting with digital files from the iTunes store is all well and good, but he also has a nice collection of DVDs that he’d like to slurp into the Mac for easy access.  There aren’t too many … Continue reading HOWTO: Ripping DVDs

My favorite book, back in 1983

While rewatching Super 8 the other night — a monster-movie film about kids making a monster movie, with a feel very similar to Goonies — I remembered a book I had back in 1983 or 1984. Although I had not thought of it in years, the title, “Lights! Camera! Scream!”, and the cover art centered … Continue reading My favorite book, back in 1983

The Game Grid is powered by Unix

I first saw the most recent Tron Legacy trailer when jwz posted the video a week ago.  I remember seeing the brief scene when the kid is looking at the computer console and being mainly focused on the on-screen keyboard.  “Oh yeah, I remember that from the original Tron.  They had iPad keyboards long before … Continue reading The Game Grid is powered by Unix