(Intelligent) Live Video Streaming for Protesting

It’s not always the best idea to livestream from a protest directly to social media. There’s good reason to redact the faces of fellow protesters. This guide steps you through setting up a stream to a private location, where a friend can grab the video and redact faces in near-real-time.

HOWTO: Ripping DVDs

I have a friend who recently got the one/two combo of a Mac Mini and AppleTV.  (Hi, Micha!)  Starting with digital files from the iTunes store is all well and good, but he also has a nice collection of DVDs that he’d like to slurp into the Mac for easy access.  There aren’t too many … Continue reading HOWTO: Ripping DVDs

Star Trek SMS tone Redux

One of the more popular posts on my site is My iPhone’s Start Trek SMS tone (a how-to).  This delves a bit into the sequence of ssh commands on a jailbroken phone to swap out the default SMS sound with a Star Trek: The Next Generation communicator sound. iOS 5, thankfully, has rendered that post useless. … Continue reading Star Trek SMS tone Redux

Migrating from Kindle to iPad: An Illustrated DRM Primer

Over the weekend I made a tweet that several people asked about: Basically, they wanted to know how to convert DRM protected Kindle books over to ePub books that will work on the iPad. I love the fact that Amazon was able to release a Kindle app for the iPad on the very first day, … Continue reading Migrating from Kindle to iPad: An Illustrated DRM Primer

How to locate historic photos of Portland

A few years ago I made a blog post, The Neighborhood Then and Now comparing historic images of Portland street scenes with similar modern-day images.  In that post, I linked to my source, Efiles.  Efiles is a City of Portland website with a database of historic records — photos, documents, recordings, maps, and other things … Continue reading How to locate historic photos of Portland