Sabacc Play Mats

This is one in a series of blog posts about Sabacc: In playing Sabacc, we run into a few of hiccups related to remembering game state. I decided to make a double-sided play mat to help us with these problems: one side for each variant. They’ve worked out well enough that I decided to get … Continue reading Sabacc Play Mats

Sabacc To Go

This is one in a series of blog posts about Sabacc: Upon arriving to our suite at the Galactic Starcruiser, we discovered they’d left us a wonderful little box of snacks in a thematic equipment case. As we’ve intensified our at-home Sabacc situation with playlists, game mats, cheat sheets, custom chips, and custom chip racks, … Continue reading Sabacc To Go

My Sabacc Credit Chip Evolution

This is one in a series of blog posts about Sabacc: When Christine and I first learned to play Sabacc, it was on the Galactic Starcruiser. Betting was done with little plastic chips, about the size of a dime. After departing, we played in our hotel room — using torn up scraps of paper as … Continue reading My Sabacc Credit Chip Evolution

Our Sabacc Playlist

This is one in a series of blog posts about Sabacc: Ever since returning from the Galactic Starcruiser last month where, when we weren’t stuck in the brig, Christine and I learned to play two variants of Sabacc, we’ve been playing a couple of times a week at home. More detail on that in future … Continue reading Our Sabacc Playlist

Using Star Wars Biomes as a Screensaver

This past week, the Disney+ service released Star Wars Biomes and Star Wars Vehicle Flythroughs. They are both wonderfully relaxing ambient background videos, in the same vein as their Zenimation. The vehicle flythroughs take you through the Millennium Falcon and a Star Destroyer. The Biomes take you across the surface of six planets. The Biomes … Continue reading Using Star Wars Biomes as a Screensaver

Laser-Cutting Cantina Coasters

Last month, Christine and I went to Disneyland. And more specifically, we went to the new Galaxy’s Edge section (“Star Wars Land”). You get to spend time immersed in Batuu, in a way that’s unlike any of the other Trivial Pursuit wedge lands of the park. Cast Members are in character. All of the signs … Continue reading Laser-Cutting Cantina Coasters

My favorite book, back in 1983

While rewatching Super 8 the other night — a monster-movie film about kids making a monster movie, with a feel very similar to Goonies — I remembered a book I had back in 1983 or 1984. Although I had not thought of it in years, the title, “Lights! Camera! Scream!”, and the cover art centered … Continue reading My favorite book, back in 1983

It’s a trap!

Okay, so I knew Portland can be a little nerdy. We have things like the largest independent bookstore in town, which causes something like the highest percentage of leisure readers in the country. We have things like Free Geek. There’s the Geek Prom. I could go on and on. Heck, I even know someone who … Continue reading It’s a trap!