127 Hours

I saw 127 Hours this afternoon.  For those that have not heard of it (I only just learned of it in recent weeks), it is the story of a guy who goes out climbing alone, without telling anyone, who then gets his arm pinned by a large rock.  He’s out in the desert for 5 days before releasing himself and finding help.  Overall, it was a great movie — a good character study (because, really, how much action can you have in a small canyon over five days?) and was gripping and suspenseful.  A few other thoughts I took away from the film:

  • The theater has two dohickeys on the ceiling, probably smoke alarms, each with a red LED that blinks once every three seconds.
  • Sometimes sounds are more vivid that visuals.
  • The wall sconces on either side of the room had lovely red glass that really matched the curtains.
  • Most people in the audience crossed their arms tightly throughout much of the film.
  • Always tell people where you’re going and don’t go alone.  (I already knew this, but it was absolutely reinforced.)
  • I will never look at the Gerber Multitool (or Chinese knockoff thereof) the same way again.
  • I will never look at the human arm the same way again.

There were a couple of places where I half-expected to see Jigsaw pop out from behind a rock.  Well, jokingly to myself, but yeah…  A great film that I recommend, but I recommend it with a strength that is inversely proportional to your squeamishness.

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3 thoughts on “127 Hours”

  1. I have this morbid curiosity about the movie (which I’ve known about for some time), but I don’t think I can must the strength to overcome my squeemishness. I know the story and I remember when it happened. …Even the commercials for this movie give me the creepy-crawlies.

    1. I wouldn’t have noticed the blinky red lights, but there were a few scenes… urg. But from now on, you’ll know the blinky lights are there, so the craziness gets deferred to the future.

      Nahhh…. I think I’ll just find a canyon on my own sometime in the next few weeks. 😉

      I was just thinking — can people go to that spot and see the rock and his name carved on the wall? Because THAT would be REALLY creepy.

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